Shop in a Box

Do you wish you could start a new business without the risks of high upfront costs? 

Do you think Portland’s CBD has the potential to be¬†bustling with shops?

Shop In A Box is seeking to reactivate Portland’s CBD through temporary uses of empty spaces.

We believe our area is full of amazing people waiting to release their great ideas to the world – they just need the space to do it and the security that going out on a limb is not a big financial risk.

Shop In A Box is an affiliate of Renew Australia, facilitating the use of empty shops. This project is an initiative of the Committee For Portland with support of the Leadership Great South Coast Program.

Right now you can support our project, whether you are a potential tenant, landowner, or simply passionate about seeing great business activity in Portland. Check out our survey or go the the Contact Us page.

Want more info on the idea? See our links page.